Winter (Digital Download)
Winter (Digital Download)
Winter (Digital Download)
The Manorlands Project

Winter (Digital Download)

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In January of 2013, Joel, Rob, and Ryan headed up to a cabin in the Uintah mountains in a place called Manor Lands for about a week and a half. Armed with our snowmobiles and all our recording gear and instruments, we drove up as far as we could and then hauled all of our gear in on toboggans behind snowmobiles the rest of the way. We locked ourselves in a cabin surrounded by a foot and a half of snow and got to work.

We had planned on re-arranging and recording some old Broke / Broke City songs, and while we did that, we also ended up writing some new stuff that we're really proud of that turned out really well. Along with the songs came bouts of cabin fever, real-life zombie flies, brushes with oxygen deficiency, fixing snowmobiles, shoveling snow, lighting fires, drinking, laughing, and staying awake 'til our eyes couldn't see anymore. Luckily, we got the majority of our shenanigans caught on video.

"Winter" by The Manorlands Project is a culmination of everything that happened that week.

Includes digital lyric booklet and a digital copy of The Manorlands Documentary (the making of "Winter").

1. Cabin Fever
2. Three Steps
3. Everyone Dances
4. On Strike
5. Zombie Flies
6. Don't Look Back
7. One Last Time
8. Dirty Little Secrets
9. Snowed In

released August 3, 2014

Joel Pack - vocals, piano, guitar
Rob Moffitt - drums
Ryan Sanders - bass, guitar

Recorded in January 2013 in Manor Lands, Utah.
Produced, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Joel Pack.

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